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and the time-crystals

When Baily Chatham decides to get a DNA test she has no idea that it will change her life forever. Her test results bring her to the attention of a secret government agency because they discover that she is a human-looking alien-hybrid. Baily soon realizes that she has paranormal powers. Join Baily in her time-travel and space-travel adventure as she meets aliens and tries to adjust to her new identity and her new reality.

Into The Land Of Heaven

This is new-age spiritual fiction about life-after-life, soulmates, and reincarnation. Take a soul journey with Daniel Rosen as he dies and meets his spirit guide. He never believed in life after death because there isn't any scientific proof that people have souls or that heaven exists. He is surprised and confused to be alive, yet dead! He explores the wonders of heaven, watches over his loved ones who are still incarnate on Earth, reviews his past lives and plans his next life with his true soulmate. This book explores how karma works, and how souls learn and grow both on earth and in heaven.



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